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Is Elvis Alive?

The rumors began almost the moment Elvis left this world; a photo taken in Dec of 1977 claims to catch Elvis, lounging in the pool house at Graceland just four months after his suppose passing. Lamar Fike was quick to admit it was him; the Memphis Mafia gang still present, helping Vernon in his time of need, but the media went wild! And it has been a 40+ year debate ever since.

Below are just a few theories (supposedly) proving Elvis never left us:

1. Elvis' grave marker shows an abnormal spelling of Elvis' middle name. Is it Aron or Aaron and does it mean something? 

2. Elvis was reportedly seen at a burger joint in the late 1980's; Kalamazoo Michigan.

3. A major Bike magazine runs an article where a biker, on a ride from Nashville to Memphis, claims to have had a conversation with Elvis at a pit stop. "If you don't tell anybody, I won't," was his parting words.

4. Bill Bixby hosts "Is Elvis Alive?" part 1 and 2, adding more fuel to the fire, all in the name of "friendship?"

5. Elvis makes a supposed cameo appearance in the 1990's hit movie "Home Alone." Creepy at best.

5. Gale Brewer Gorgio releases "Elvis is Alive," and floods the market with the theory that Elvis was running from the Mob and therefor faked his death to avoid being "taken out."

6. Elvis is seen mowing the grass at Graceland, causing some to ponder why Elvis would agree to such an ordinary disguise, participating in a task he had no ambition for in life.

We could go on, as the stories are many. The world grieved on Aug 16, 1977. We all want him back. But to drum up such stories, in the opinion of many, disrespects his family, his legacy, and all those that where there that tragic day. Like little Lisa, who to this day, obviously, has scars of that horrible day. Vernon, Elvis' father, who grieved on video in front of the world. Those tears were from a man who had clearly just lost his only son. Not to mention all who would have needed to be in on such a hoax; Memphis Paramedics, Shelby County Police and Coroner, Baptist Memorial Hospital, all of Graceland staff and many of Elvis family and friends. ALL would have had to be in on the so called "faked" death attempt, keeping a secret for more than 40 years now! This alone would be impossible. Elvis himself reportedly couldn't keep a secret for more than 5 minutes!

Let's face it Elvis loved being Elvis Presley.

Long Live Elvis Presley; he's in our hearts and mind, as he sings with the Angels.

Patricia Garber

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