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Elvis Gospel Show - Palm Sunday 25th March

 Easter holiday is coming! Yes it is! And if there was ever an entertainer that loved Easter, and all the festivities surrounding that holiday, it was Elvis Presley! From Easter egg hunts with his daughter, Lisa, where we're told he tended to find all the eggs himself--always the biggest kid in the group!--to after diner sing-alongs at Graceland; Elvis loved the holiday season.

 If you were to ask an Elvis fan which of Elvis' music they love best, Gospel would come up a high percentage of the time. Elvis' spiritual music is also our number one requested genre to play here on Blue Suede Connection.

And because next week is Palm Sunday, there is no better opportunity for us to spin some of Elvis' best music; we might add, his only Grammy awarded music!

Join us on WRGG 93.7 Live from 2p to 4p, Est standard time, and repeated all week, leading up to Easter, on many of our great Affiliates (we will provide a list of who will be re airing it soon).

May you be truly blessed with a sense of peace and comfort over the holiday season!

    Blessings from us to you.

    Dan and TL

Revisting The Garden - Elvis Rocks New Yortk 1972

"He stood there at the end, his arms stretched out, the great gold cloak giving him wings, a champion, the only one in his class," wrote Chris Chase from the New York Times, 1972.

A prince from another planet, they said, had landed in New York City, and for four days, more than 80,000 fans were entertained by not the rocker they all remembered but by a mature artist; a well rounded entertainer.

    "Presley dug in. No nonsense, little banter with either audience or accompanists - simply a solid professional doing a job he probably can do better than anyone in the world," Don Heckman, New York Times.

Elvis was nervous but ready. And when those lights went out at the Garden, he took that stage like a lion takes an African field, like a hungry King, ready to rule his jungle.

   "In his maturity Presley has developed his sense of humor to a finely honed edge." New York Times.

Connecting with his audience was a gift Elvis had from the start. No artist before or since was as close to his fans as Elvis Aron Presley was and is to this day.

"Since Presley's music was one of the motivating forces behind the early evolution of that style, he uses it with understanding and ease. But at least some of the old, coarse power has been glossed over by his coolly relaxed professionalism, and his affection for the Dean Martin ballad sound is more evident that ever." New York Times.

Join us on Blue Suede Connection, as we revisit the Garden performances; an extraordinary few days in music history that should not be forgotten. Hear first hand interviews from those that were there, Elvis' band members, entourage, concert photographer Mike Kilinsky and music historian Lenny Kaye. TL will retell a story; Elvis strolling around Manhattan, the day of the first show, just him and the guys enter a local pub, and after some prompting from the bar manager, Elvis does an acoustic live set just for them.

So much music. Even more memories. Come and relive it with us!

Dan and TL