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The Explosion

Do you remember where you were the summer of your 19th birthday, hiking swimming, working while on college break? Wherever you were , I bet it was new and exciting, just as all things are at 19.

None of us could have imagined where our remarkable lives would lead. We were just getting our footings, ready for anything, and Elvis was much the same.

19 and about to take on the Louisiana Hayride stage for the first time, he was surly nervous, excited, and no doubt hopeful this was just the start of many stages to come.

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But an explosion? No. I doubt even Elvis could have imagined the impacted he would have on the youth of the world. And the love affair that would spark between him and his fans, out lasting his own life, from now to infinity and beyond.

For years the Elvis Hayride recordings have been available to eager seeking fans, some with good sound quality and some barely tolerable. And thanks to music lovers in both high and middle places, we radio presenters are thrilled that so much has improved, we can now share these musical treasures with the world!

And that's exactly what we intend to do, LIVE, Sunday, Sept 9th,  from 2p to 4p eastern time, on WRGG 93.7! We will be spinning the wonderful explosion; Elvis LIVE, from the 1954 Hayride beginnings to the 1961, fresh out of the Army, USS Arizona benefit concert.

Join us!! And explore the day the world exploded over the airwaves of The Louisiana Hayride.

Dan and TL