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Elvis In 2020 - Part II

Do you ever just sit and ponder what Elvis would be like had he lived to see 2020? Would he still be performing, recording, acting--Elvis, the grandpa--so many possibilities! 

Recently Priscilla was quoted as saying that she felt Elvis would not have wanted to be on a stage, performing as an "old" man. I chewed on this for awhile, a long while, and I had a hard time agreeing with this statement.

Disclaimer--I am nobody and Priscilla was Elvis wife! 

With that being said, there have been so many iconic performers that out lived Elvis, such as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and all contributed to their art, on a stage, in a new mature way, improving with the passing of time. 

Maybe it's just me, but I do not wish to believe that Elvis would have hung up the microphone just because of age. Now, granted, it's well known, Elvis hated being 40! And we will never know if in the years between 50 and 80, he might have changed his mind, but performing was in his blood. No doubt, by 1977 a break was needed, but after that, I cannot get behind the idea of him quitting.

Course, maybe Priscilla knows something we do not. There is always that.

If we have learned anything about Elvis' personality, it was that he strutted to his own beat. It's what made Elvis, ELVIS; he did not live nor think like most. And he was not a me, me, me kind of individual. He gave to a fault, if that is even possible.

So, point in question, with the current division inside our country (USA), and with so many questioning what the next best step may be: how would Elvis feel about the economic questions of today?

Oh-h-h-h! I can already hear you say, "I'm just an entertainer. I prefer to keep my views to myself," reciting Elvis' known statement to all pollical or social questions from the media. 

He was a smart man!

And because he was so private, we don't really know Elvis' feelings on so many sensitive subject, however, we do have words and stories from those that knew him best. One such story was reported in a memoir (I cannot remember the title) and I'd like to share. The story touches on the idea of income taxes. And this seems appropriate since we are diving head first into tax season here (USA), so lets reflect on how Elvis felt about Uncle Sam and the dreaded subject of TAXES.

Known fact: Elvis never had an accountant nor a CPA? 

It true. Vernon handled all of Elvis' money. And though his father had asked Elvis to employee an accountant many times, explaining the work deduction they could be utilizing, Elvis was not interested. Sure, Vernon was right, a CPA could have saved them large amounts of money. And, after all, don't all Americans use business deductions every year? 

We sure do here at BSC!

But not Elvis. Reportedly, his response to this suggestion was "Daddy, give Uncle Sam what we owe, we have the money and this country gave us the life we live." Can you imagine cutting a check to Uncle Sam with not one deduction!??

Now, some whom claim to be friends to the Presley's suggest this is merely proof that the Presley's were ignorant "country folk."  

I challenge this as well! 

To Elvis, he was grateful to his country; he believed it had provided a way out of the ghetto, for him and his family. He knew he didn't have to give Uncle Sam all that was owed, but he wanted to, felt honored to. 

Can you imagine this kind of appreciation for your country?

And as I file my taxes for the uncountable time--yes with all my business deductions!--I think about this story, and how one man felt the blessing of his country was worth more than the dollar in his pocket. (Thinking) Somewhere inside this story there could be the answer to our division and struggle--but for the life of me, I cannot put my finger on it.      

And therein lies the problem; clouded hearts and minds.

Patricia Garber