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Creative Disappointment.


Like most, Dan and I have seen the ELVIS movie, more than a few times, and yes, we loved it!  (See our blog titled ELVIS and BAZ)

And like all Elvis fan's we've watched every red carpet event, from Paris to London, Japan and beyond. Dan and I have absorbed every interview, every word from each actor, as well as the Presley family and even--the point of todays blog--Jerry Schilling!

Elvis' long time friend. We all love Jerry. He's proven himself to be a life long friend; protecting that relationship long after Elvis' last breath, and no doubt, well do so to his final day.

And it was during one of Jerry's last few interviews (which we aired on Blue Suede Connection the week of July 18th) when he said something that stopped me in my tracks. He said, "I lost my friend due to creative disappointment."

Be still, my heart. Shut my mouth! In all these years, reading books and listening to interviews, I'd never heard Elvis' death put in a more realistic light, direct and poignant! Creative disappointment! Well, of course! 

Elvis once said, happiness boils down to having something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to. And there for, if you are a creative person, like Elvis, what happens when those three ingredients are simply gone? 

He loved what he did; entertaining and creating.
He needed to be challenged and disliked status-quo! 

But by 1974, what did he have to look forward to? If we're to believe the movie, Elvis knew that his dreams of touring abroad would never happen. He knew Parker had been "snowing" him for years. His mother was gone. His father was ill equiped to fight--so, what was left? He was alone. Or at least, he felt alone. And we all know how horrible alone feels, even if its only in your own mind.

Death by creative disapointment--- no fewer words were ever more true!

Now, like most Elvis fan's, we've seen the movie, spent days after each viewing dissecting the scenes. What was factual, what was creative privilege? And what was our favorite moments; say, for Dan it was the portrayal of Elvis revving up the band for his return to Vegas. The intensity of the moment, when the world can see Elvis the producer! Whether in the studio or on stage, Elvis ran the show!  

Now, my favorite scene is much more subtle, and it came during the 68 special highlights, when Elvis is working hard to create something he can be proud of, and Tom Hanks corners Austin, alluding to the fact that all he cares about is Here Comes Santa Clause is sung at the close! And Austin (Elvis) simply answers, "Hmmm." That look on his face! Like he's mapping out his next words, if any, because Lord only knows what might come flying out!

"You blood sucking vampire," rings true.

I feel enraged, for Elvis. 

I don't know about y'all, but all these week of ELVIS movie magic has plum worn us emotionally out! We loved it! And we can't wait to see it, one more time, before it leave theaters everywhere!

If you haven't gone, let me ask....what are you waiting for?

Treat yourself today.