Blue Suede Connection

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The Voice

Kiri Te Kanawa, a popular New Zealand soprano, called Elvis the greatest voice she'd ever heard!

The quality, range, and power of Elvis' nearly three-octave vocal range (tenor, baritone, and bass) was so pure, according to Myrna Smith, a member of The Sweet Inspirations, it could not be fully caught on record.

Elvis was best heard live and in person!

Gone now 40 plus years, the world will never again hear that voice echoing in a show room. Instead we must rely on the works produced in the thousands of studio hours Elvis stacked up in his short lived career. And thankful, for us, Elvis was one of the hardest working entertainers in the business, leaving us (his fans) with a very large catalog of music!

So much talent. So little time.

This week Dan and I (TL) will be exploring Elvis' greatest tool, his voice. Every songs set will be spun in a three tier format, where Elvis' 50's vocals will rest back to back with his 60's and 70's talents.

Charlie Hodge, stage musician and friend, once said Elvis spent those two years in Germany strengthening and maturing his voice. He went in a rocker, and when he came out, he came out a singer!

Join us across the globe--find a station here--on many of our great affiliates, as we explorer the evolution of what has been called America's greatest voice. The voice of a generation!

Don't miss the party; make the connection. The Blue Suede Connection.
Dan and TL