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Elvis in 2020 - Radio 101

I remember when Elvis' music played on all our local radio dials. How easy it was to flip the dial and find him, and better yet, listen for FREE. No subscription was needed or asked for because it was the music of the time and it was the standard.

 How times have changed: The Oldies stations of today are playing the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, while Elvis' generation is virtually falling off of the dial.

 I suppose this is the natural way of things, time marching on and all, but it's a sad reminder of how quickly great music can fall away, like Sinatra's music. Old blue eyes, the music of my grandparents generation, is now virtually gone from the dial.

Wrong. It's just wrong. And do we want to see this happen to Elvis? No!

We believe we (Elvis' listeners) can prevent it. Let's face it, radio runs on advertising, and advertisers need listeners. So if there is an audience, the advertisers will come and--you guessed it--money will come for that station!

As Dan and I reach out to stations every week, trying to expand our listening audience, we are often told "The music is too old!" They tell us their station's listening audience is in their 30's, not understanding, or maybe not believing, that Elvis has a large audience of ALL ages. It's our job as presenters and listeners to try to sway their opinions.  And we can! We can all reach out to our local stations with titles like, Classic Oldies, Classic Country, Vintage or Variety stations! These are the stations that will put Elvis back on the dial.

So, if you listen to a station in your local area, and they aren't playing much Elvis, nor Blue Suede Connection, write to them! Let them hear a need for this not-to-be-forgotten legend and they will put Elvis back on the dial. Let's keep him on the air--reach out, and request to hear more Elvis.
Tell them about BSC--the show is FREE to commerical radio stations--and they like FREE.

And if you would like to see Blue Suede Connection play Elvis well in to the future, we need listener support, to cover operating cost. As we mentioned, the show is FREE to the stations, so sponsors and donations are how we get by!

Visit here and click the DONATE button. We are thankful every day for your love and support.

Dan and TL