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Elvis and Vinyl

After decades of music, uploaded and streamed on various devices, it's not surprising that Vinyl has made a resurgence. The hunting and shopping for your favorite artist, past and now present, is a time those of us old enough remember with great fondness.
Elvis himself owned well over two thousand vinyl discs in a collection that spanned everything from gospel to jazz.

All vinyl collectors can attest to the excitement of cracking that wrapper; a mix of scents, yes, the vinyl and the insert paper. The thrill of placing the needle and letting the music wash over you is an event all within itself. Vinyl is a hobby full of intimacy; to be shared or not, your choice.

There's a relationship with memories and heart within the sleeves.

So when did the vinyl craze rekindle? Some believe the deaths of iconic musicians David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael are directly responsible for sending us 80's kids "back to the future." We want what we remember; a piece of the past. And in our excitement, we've passed this on to the generations ahead of us, and some say, reminded those behind us of what once was.

Who ever is responsible, 2017 reported the highest number of vinyl sales since 1991! And music lovers everywhere are grateful! Especially Elvis Fans!

Sony, BMG, and FTD releases are all turning back to Vinyl options, and once again we can enjoy the hunt for old and new releases, just like we once did. The warmth, the event of just placing a record, and sitting back to enjoy the light scratch and smooth sound is with us again.

A few weeks back, Dan and I spun the A and B sides of 45's on Blue Suede Connection. We were bursting, holding back the secret of what was to come--a full Elvis Vinyl BSC show!

 Between the two of us, we have Elvis LP's stacked in the closets of our home, and it was a thrill to finally unravel the treasures and set our minds to sharing them.  It was also a moment of good laughter, remembering which albums I removed, and cut up the inserts, just to stick them all over my wall--thus devaluing the item all together! Or when the ten year old me decided it was important to write my name across the front, essentially defacing them all. (LOL) Did you do that? Ah, to be young again.

Whatever your memory of vinyl may be, we hope you'll join BSC for the All Vinyl Show, Sunday, Dec 2, from 2p to 4p, est, LIVE on 93.7 WRGG and repeated all week long on many of our wonderful affiliates. Don't forget to click on the "listen" tab and find a channel near you.

Come spin (literarily) a tune with us.
Dan and TL

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