Blue Suede Connection

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Where to Listen

 Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection: In the USA Please visit affiliates website for ALL show schedule

WDIG 1450 AM, Saturday's, 10AM, central zone, Dothan, Alabama, listen here CALIFORNIA: KILN 99.1 FM, Alturas, California, KFUG 101.1 FM, Crescent City, California, listen here and (TuneIn) KSVB 94.1 FM, Saturday's, 8PM, Big Bear, California, listen here Kong Monster Rock, Friday's, 1AM, Los Angeles, California, listen here and (TuneIn) KHMB 109.9 FM, 1710 AM: Halfmoon Bay, California, Saturday's 8p-10p, listen here
KOOL 100.7 FM, Fresno, Hanford, California, Saturday,, 8AM, PST, listen here KMBY 1240 AM 95.9 FM, Monterey, California, Saturday, 8AM, PST, listen here
KFOK 95.1 FM, Georgetown, California, Friday's, 11PM, PST, listen here FLORIDA: WWDH Tiger FM 93.3, Saturday's, 10AM, Fort Meyers, Florida listen here and (TuneIn) WTYM Tyme 102.9, Thursday's, 11AM, Lutz, Florida, listen here and (TuneIn)

WJBB 107.1 FM & AM 1300, Winder, GA, Sunday's 7AM - 9AM, listen here and (TuneIn)
Rocking Waves 11294, Warner Robins, GA, 5PM, listen here and (TuneIn) INDIANA: WBED STARS 99.3 FM, Saturday's, 9pm, Bedford, Indiana, listen here and (TuneIn) IOWA: KWQQ: Farmington, IA, 106.3 FM, 1610 AM, listen here and (TuneIn) KRIB, 1490 AM, Saturday's, 10AM, Mason City, Iowa, listen here and (TuneIn) KCHA, 1580 AM, 103.3 FM,  Tuesday’s, 9PM central time, 10PM eastern, Charles City, Iowa. Listen here and (TuneIn) KCFI, 1250 AM, 105.1 FM, Tuesday’s, 9PM central time, 10PM eastern, Cedar Falls,Iowa. Listen here and (TuneIn) ILLINOIS: WSVZ, 98.3 FM, Sunday's, 6pm - 8pm, Taylorville, IL, listen here
KENTUCKY: COOL Oldies 99.3 FM, Richmond, KY, listen here LOUISIANA: KVOL 1330 AM, 97.7 FM, 104.1 FM, Saturdays, 7AM, Lafayette/Lake Charles, Louisiana, listen here (TuneIn)
Nola Saturday mornings, 9am, CST, and Sunday's at 8pm, CST, New Orleans, Louisiana, Listen here and on the Nola Oldies Live365 app.
WAMF 90.3 FM, Friday's, 7PM, CST, New Orleans, Louisiana. Listen on the dial or online here MARYLAND:
WBNR-NJ Friday's 8pm-10pm, and Saturday's from 5am-7am, listen here MAINE: WJZF: Sunday;s, 9PM, Standish, Maine, listen here and (TuneIn)

Stay Tuned America, Sunday's, 9am, (CST ) listen here

Mississippi: Lucky 7, 96.9 FM, Piccayune, MS...coming soon NEW HAMPSHIRE WMNH 95.3 FM, Monday's, 1130am, est, Manchester, NH, listen here OHIO: WRPO 93.5 FM, Russells Point, local on the dial only WBPS 101.9 FM, Cambridge, OH, listen here North Coasts Greatest Hits: Cleveland, OH, Saturday's, 8AM, Sunday's, 7AM, Listen here
WNJH, Hammonton, New Jersey, Saturday, 4pm, listen here and on 365Live app
NEW YORK: 920 WON:The Apple, Brooklyn, NY, listen here WIRY 1340AM, Plattsburg, New York listen here
WNYC-DB Oldies Radio, New York, Saturday's, 4AM, listen here OKLAHOMA: KVWO 94.7, Saturday's, 8PM, Welsh, Oklahoma listen here (TuneIn) OREGON: KITC 106.5 FM, Sunday's, 8PM, Gilchrist, Oregon, listen here (TuneIn)
KCIW, 100.7 FM, Brookings, Curry Coast, Oregon, Monday's at 2pm, PST, with repeats on Thursday's, 8am, PST, listen here PENNSYLVANIA: WRGG 93.7  FM, Sunday's, 2pm, Thursday's, 10pm, Greencastle, Pennsylvania, listen here and (TuneIn)
OldiesRadio1620, York PA, listen here (TuneIn)
HOFM, New Castle, PA, Hall of Fame Music Radio, times TBA, listen here
The Troublemaker Experience, Kearns, Utah, Friday's at 8 PM Mountain Time, with replays on Tuesday at 8 PM Mountain Time. Listen here
Oldies Fun house, Salt Lake City, Utah, listen here VIRGINIA: WQMR 101.3, Sunday's, 10pm, Rocky Mount, VA, listen here Cherokee Nation Radio, Saturday's, 1pm, Elkton, Virginia, listen here WHEO 92.7 FM, 1270 AM, Sunday's 2pm est, Stuart Patrick County, Virginia. Listen here TEXAS: KSGV 95.5, Saturday's, 8PM, Seagonville, Texas, listen here Hits on 66...coming soon WASHINGTON: KCHW 102.7, Saturday's, 7pm, Chewelah, Washington, listen here and (TuneIn)

WOTR 96.3 FM, Wednesday's, 7am, Weston, West Virginia, Listen here
WHAW 980 AM, Wednesday's, 7am, Weston, West Virginia, listen here

The Source, 1170 AM & 103.3 FM, Sunday's, 1pm, CST, listen here

Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection: United Kingdom

The VIP Lounge Radio group, CBC & Retro Sounds Channels *regrouping* more information TBA, here
Ambron Radio: Tuesday's, 1pm, United Kingdom, listen here
All Variety Radio, Hit's 45, Saturday's, 10pm, United Kingdom,  listen here 
Mix Tape Radio International, Saturday's, 4am, with replays at 6PM. listen here (TuneIn) Tweacle Radio, Monday's, 4pm, United Kingdom, listen here
Cygnet Radio UK...coming soon
Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection: Australia
Impala Radio Australia, Tuesday's 2AM, replays at 2PM, Perth, Australia, listen here

Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection: In Canada

Vinyl Voyage Radio, Saturday's, 4pm, Sunday's, 4am, Toronto Canada, listen here (TuneIn) Dusty Discs Radio, Saturday's, 9am, Sunday's, 7am, Vernon Canada, listen here Okanagan Valley Radio--coming soon! listen here ABC 50's "Memories of a life-time," Sunday's, 3pm, and replays on Wednesday's, 10pm, listen here (TuneIn) Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection in: Spain
Sunshine FM, 104.9, Thursday's, 8pm - 10pm, UTC, Costa Blanca, Spain. Listen here (TuneIn)

Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection in: Sweden

Dagny's Jukebox : Friday's at 7AM, 2PM, 9PM, CET, Sweden, listen here (tune in) Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection in: Greece

BluesWave Radio; Greece, 8 AM, GMT, every Saturday, listen here

Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection in: Romania

Radio Flora, Wensday's, 10PM to Midnight, GMT, listen here

Where to listen to Blue Suede Connectionin: British Columbia

CROC Radio **now dark**

Where to listen to Blue Suede Connection: Antigua/Barbuda
ABS TV Radio: St. Johns, Antigua, Sunday 4p to 6p,
Eastern Caribbean                                                  

If you would like to air Blue Suede Connection, contact us at

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