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Elvis & The Presidential Medal Freedom

On Nov 16th, 2018, Elvis Aaron Presley will be given the highest civilian honor on behalf of the United States of America -- The Presidential Metal of Freedom

Upon hearing the announcement, this past week, Elvis fan's from around the world have bombarded Social Media with their excitement; "We are so proud and happy," rang clear as a mutual consensuses. "As it is in your power to bestow awards to your fellow Americans, this year Presley should be top on your list," wrote Todd Slaughter, president of UK's ELVIS PRESLEY FAN CLUB, to our President Donald J. Trump.

It goes without saying we all feel Elvis has long deserved this metal, and we are happy that he is finally going to be recognized for his patriot spirit and giving heart.

Elvis loved his country; he did not hide or run any time he was needed, serving two years in the US Army. When he could have used his fame and money for "light" duty, he pulled KP and Guard duty, slept in the snow with his fellow Americans. He would not have any special treatment and was remembered for his dedication by his fellow soldiers. 

Better late than never, some say. But why did it take so long? Politics is most likely the answer; that and Elvis' manner of death has caused unjust judgement from the media and some public opinion. The Presley family has spent 40 plus years helping America to understand who Elvis was as a man. He was not just an entertainer whom passed untimely; he was the very foundation of what our country stands for--a boy of poverty, rose to become not just the KING of the USA, but the KING of the world! Only in America!

Who will be accepting the honor on Elvis' behalf? That is the biggest question we're all waiting for. I know who we all want to see step up and accept this award, and in just a few days time, we will find out if our hops are realized. 


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