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Growing up Elvis

For most of us, we can't remember a time without Elvis. I mean, I have a slight memory; me asking my mother to help me fill out a form to the "Six Million Dollar Man" fan club--a mere momentary loss of myself, that's all that was.

 (I really did like that show!)

From the age of eight onward, he was everywhere in my life; on my walls, in my car, in my ears, on my shirts, inside my friend circle, and outside of my faith and family, he was the next best influence of my life.

One of the life's highlights, undoubtedly lies in the throng of Elvis Movies all Elvis fans sat glued to all summer long! Think of it; you at the age 10 or 11, maybe older, and you take your cassette player, prop it up against the TV and record Girl Happy! Why? So you could listen to the music in bed later that night, silly! Yes. We all did this!

Every girl wanted to be as beautiful as Ann Margaret or Shelly Fabares, and every boy imagined themselves as tough as Danny Fisher (King Creole) or as brave as Walter Gullick (Kid Galahad).

Say that five times fast!  

Let's face it, there are good and even better Elvis movies, but there are no real bad Elvis movies. Every movie is chocked full of fun and memories.  And that's exactly why, from time to time, Dan and I (TL) love to do an All Movie Song show on Blue Suede Connection; rekindling those innocent and free times from our childhood.

The show is guaranteed to be full of songs you never hear on the radio like, "It's a Wonderful Life," "What Every Woman Lives For," and "Could I Fall In Love."  We have such a great time, come laugh and reminisce with us this Sunday, 2p to 4p, LIVE on 94.7 WRGG. Listen here but if you can't make it, catch the replay all week long on many of our fine affiliates.

Remember, we will forever have PARIS! Wait. Wrong movie! "Hail to the ole ivy league--Poison Ivy League." We promise to not have panty raids but do not promise there wont be other hijinks.

Don't miss it!


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